Need a custom light fixture? Contact us with a photo or link, and we'll help you get exactly what you need.

At Modefinity, we offer comprehensive customization services for all our light fixtures. Customers can personalize their lighting solutions to match their specific preferences and requirements, ensuring each piece fits perfectly within their space.

Read customization options below.

Plug-In customization

Nearly all wall lights and pendant lights can be customized with plug-in options at no additional cost.

See the full list of available customizations below.

Customize your lighting design with our tailored solutions:

  • The wall lights can be either - hardwired with pull chain, or hardwired without pull chain, or plug-in.
  • Plug-in wall lights come with a separate plug-in cord that you will need to connect to the light. You can convert the plug in wall light to hardwired light.
  • The wall light can be converted to pendant light and vice versa.
  • The pendant light can be converted to a plug-in version (swag light). The standard cord length of the plug-in pendant light is 2 meters or 6.5 feet. We can extend the cord at your request.
  • Fabric twisted cords for pendant lights can be hidden with a brass rod/pole.
  • Pendant lights can be converted to flush ceiling lights (i.e. directly connected to the ceiling plate without a cord).
  • All plug-in lights are supplied with an on/off switch on the cord. If you need a specific switch position or replace the on/off switch with a dimmer, please leave a note.
  • All cords on pendant lights and wall lights are adjustable. You can shorten them as needed. If you need longer cord, please inform us in advance.
  • The plug-in lights will arrive with the appropriate plug for your country.
  • For plug-in wall lights, the twisted fabric cord can be hidden with a brass rod.
  • The fabric twisted cord can be replaced with other colors. The most popular colors are brown, black, gold, ivory, and white. If you need a standard plastic cord in white, black or transparent colors, please leave a note.
  • For most fixtures, we can replace the lampshade with another wooden, ceramic, glass, cement, resin, iron or brass lampshades.
  • The height of the rod and the length of the wire for chandeliers can be increased.
  • Some chandeliers can be mounted on sloped ceilings upon request.
  • For some lights, we can change the color to gold, brass, black, bronze, silver and patina.
  • You can assemble your own light with our parts replacing the wall plate style, arm, socket and lampshade.
  • The lampshade size customization is only available for bulk orders of 20 items.
  • We highly recommend hiring a professional electrician to install the lights.
  • The light fixtures are shipped unassembled. The electrician will need basic skills to assemble the fixtures.
  • The most customizations are for FREE, except the rods to cover /hide the cord.
  • You can leave a note with the customization request text field on the product page. You can also place an order and after send us a customization request at
  • For more questions please message us in live chat or email at

Customizations for oil paintings:

We are delighted to announce that we now accept orders for custom oil paintings! At Modefinity, we possess the talent and expertise to transform any piece of wall art into a breathtaking oil painting masterpiece. Whether it's a cherished photograph, a favorite landscape, or a cherished memory, our skilled artists can recreate it in exquisite detail on canvas. Let us bring your vision to life through the timeless medium of oil painting. Capture the beauty and sentiment of your most treasured moments with our custom oil painting service.